To bake bread, take the flour and water 
Add a little yeast to make it rise
Mix it Up
Leave it for a while, knead it a little, 
Punch it, stretch it and lay it out
Mix it Up
There are women in my life, who make it all worthwhile
Yes the women in my life, daughters, friends and especially my wife
For Jules in Ghana, keep baboons at bay
By pelting them with stale bread rolls
For Manuela in Belfast, keep your man sweet
With a pizza base at his feet
For Eve in Canterbury, just keep merry
With a slice of hot buttered toast 
For Rosie in Edinburgh, up there by the sea
Bake beautiful scones, for Paulo and me
For my wife, the love of my life
The woman who feeds my every need
For my wife, that beautiful woman
Who bakes my bread… you know what I mean..

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