I love being lost I don’t found
On a beach in Honolulu with my feet on the ground
It’s so good, to be away
With my family here, we eat and play
On this beach in Honolulu where we want to stay
It’s so good to chill out
Sometimes I travel so far, I don’t know where I am
You could say I’m lost but I think I’m found
It’s so good, to be away
I’m so far from home can’t remember my name
It seems so different but it’s all the same
It’s so good, to be where I am
Lost and Found, in a memory
Lost and Found, in a moment
Lost and Found, in the shadows, 
in a safe place for myself
Lost the game, I’ve found fame
Lost the plot, it’s so hot
Lost my way and I’ve found
The way to Morecambe Bay
We find students alone they’re lost on the campus
Give them a good time, give them a compass
It’s so good to be the Gen ed team
Help them with direction, stimulate ideas
Enlighten their futures, soften their fears
It’s so good to be the Gen ed team

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