We’re here on the Mount 
At the start of our journey
24 songs waiting to be sung
We’re here on the Mount 
On the sunny left coast
Ready for the rhyme at the tip of the tongue
Looking from the tower at one o clock
Helvelyn rises from the sands of the bay
Looking from the tower there’s Matt and me
It’s gonna be a long long day
So shout out for Amanda, shout out for Pete Hyde
Shout out to you all on this seaside ride
Shout out to Matt’s Dad, and to all at More Music
Shout out to Leo, Josep and Mick
Sending songs to New York, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo
To Sydney, Bermuda, LA and Kyoto
We’re here on the Mount 
At the centre of Fleetwood
The only high point in this fishing town
We’re here on the Mount
With a clock that’s ticking
We can feel the hours counting down
Looking out from this tower we send wishes of peace
To people in this troubled world
Looking out from this tower we send our thoughts
To Gaza, Ferguson, Donetsk and Liberia,
To Syria and Mosul

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