Hong Kong 2012

From the top of the brand new ARTS FACULTY building with stunning views across the harbour to Kowloon this years residency is hosted by the the GENERAL EDUCATION UNIT at HKU. As the VERY first activity in this new space the Humanities Department is very excited that an artistic projecxt should launch the building on a worldwide scale. Songs from here sent out and connecting to every continent. The department has recently moved from the old building which featured this historic 100 year old tower.



13 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2012

  1. Sounding great Pete – sorry we can’t make it up to make songs with you. But if you’re looking for ideas, listening to the Songs you already have made me think about the idea of being ‘so near yet so far’ – I was listening to you greet friends in a country that was once my home and no longer is. I heard you sing about maple leaves which made me think of how strange it was that I saw more live maple leaves while living in the UK than while living in Canada where it is on our flag. Sometimes the people we love, the places we feel at home, the dreams we want to realize, seem so near yet so far away. Looking out long distances always reminds me of that. Happy writing!

  2. Awesome ideas and songs! Seeing as it’s almost midnight, maybe a special song about HK night life, and lights? You might be able to see the ones along the harbour from the tower!

  3. I’m still awake for your broadcasting in HK! Reason is because I’m across the waters in UK, doing a semester of exchange in Manchester. So I’m cheating a bit. I’m returning to HKU in January, but if you become short of song ideas, if you can do one about saying hello to friends across the world, and how distance doesn’t matter, I would be so appreciative. Love what you’re doing, best of luck for the remaining time, I’ll be listening :)

  4. Good morning Pete, I feel like a slacker having just got my head down for 4 hours rest.

    Have you done a reggae yet? If not can I have one please x

  5. A merry old hello from England!! Love the tunes, especially the congas on the cuban tune :-)Hope you are all have a fantastic experience, and look forward to hearing more tunes too! XXX

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